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Pole Dancers

A stunning display of strength and skill!

Combining elements of dance with acrobatics and contortion, Pole Dance is a highly competitive and athletic sport that requires intense training and core strength.

Our Pole Dancers are incredibly talented gymnasts and contortionists who have perfected their skills to create dazzling choreographed performances set to music which can be tailor made to match any event theme.

As well as choreographed stage acts and more ambient freestyle performances, we can also offer Duo Pole Acts that allow audiences to also see elements of Duo-Acro Balance, creating beautiful spinning shapes of intertwining limbs and elegant transitions between every move.

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Talk to us about your event

We can create a bespoke performance to suit any budget. Prices vary depending on the number of dancers required, length of the performance and location of the event. Get in touch and tell us your ideas and we will work with you to create an entertainment package that works for you.

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