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Hiring Dancers – 5 Reasons To Hire Dancers For Your Event

If you’re thinking about booking dancers for your event but have never done so before, it may seem like a daunting task. With so many other things to plan and pay for, should you really spend some of your precious budget on booking dancers? Here are 5 great reasons to hire dancers with some insights into what they can add to your event:

1. Dancers are a great way to welcome your guests

Having dancers meet and greet your guests on arrival helps to give some added wow-factor and enhance your guests’ first impressions of the occasion. It also makes for a great photo opportunity that your guests will cherish forever!

2. You can hire dancers to help enhance the theme of your event

If you have a set theme for your event, or even just want to create a certain type of atmosphere, dancers are the perfect way to achieve this! For example, are you planning a luxury and opulent affair? Our stunning showgirls dressed in sequins and feathers will add a splash of glamour and sophistication to the evening. How about a Studio 54 themed party? Our Disco dancers, with their authentic styling and dance moves will help to immerse your guests in an electric atmosphere and make them feel like they’ve gone back in time to the 70s.

70s disco themed dancers for party

3. Dancers are a great ice breaker and talking point for guests

Having pop-up entertainment throughout the evening keeps guests excited and engaged throughout your event and also serves as a great talking point. Our walk-about acts are also great for this as they roam round the tables and interact with guests as they go.

4. Dancers can do extra roles as well as performing

When you hire dancers, you get so much more than fantastic performances! Dancers can also assist in other areas such as helping to present awards, escorting speakers up to the stage, presenting a birthday cake, teaching a fun dance class, distributing casino money or selling raffle tickets. It’s always great to have dancers in full costume assisting with these tasks as it creates more photo opportunities and also gives continuity throughout the event.


5. Dancers help to get the party started

There’s nothing worse than being at a party and guests being too shy to take to the dance floor when the band or DJ begin to play. Dancers can help to get things moving by taking to the dance floor for some more informal freestyle dancing and encouraging guests to join them to help to get the dance floor busy!

    Dancers encourage guests onto the dance floor at corporate event in London

There are so many wonderful ways that dancers can enhance your event, this list is just the tip of the iceberg and shows how you really can get great value for money when you decide to hire dancers.

For more inspiration, browse the Dance Styles and Popular Themes sections of our webpage and contact us to discuss creative ideas and get the most out of your entertainment!


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